Victoria Falls to Cape Town Tour 2016 Part 2

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Day 7

Tiffendall to Hogs Back.  


Toast and tea for breakfast to settle the stomach and now looking forward to the days ride although the plunge down the hill could be a little worrying because of the steep sections. 

Actually had a great ride down.  Steep sections were no problem and the dirt at the bottom was just amazing…what a way to start the day, very invigorating. 


Stopped for tea and muffins in a little town.  Another great dirt section through the most beautiful country, lots of goat, sheep and cattle.  There is no reason for anyone to starve in this country because there is plenty of hooved food about.  Fueled mid morning with a samosa and Vetkoek (SA delicacy).

Lunch at KFC in King Williams town.  Straight ride on tar and then 30km of dirt to Hogs back.  Su arranged a visit to a guy with a vintage bike collection, sadly most of us were too buggered to go but I heard he had an amazing collection.

Accommodation is great, roaring fire going in the bar and excellent restaurant. 

Had roast lamb for dinner which was superb AND a lovely piece of pork with crackling.

Day 8

Hogs Back to Addo. 

Another day of great off roading.  Beautiful sweeping roads with little traffic.  Went past heaps of game farms. 

Last 30kms was technical 1st and 2nd gear rocky stuff.  Would have been OK if not for a bunch of rally guys coming the other way (SA version of our Variety Bash). 

Everyone in HIGH spirits.  A couple of guys were stopped and fined 2 tequila shots.    Girls in the backup vehicle were asked to donate an item of clothing which involved removing several items of clothing to get to said item.  All good fun and no one got hurt. 

Day ended with a game drive in Addo.  saw Kudu, elephant, buffalo, zebra, warthog and an assortment of antelope. 

Staying at Zuurberg mountain village, very comfortable rooms, heating and as usual excellent food. 

Big day tomorrow haven’t decided which route I’m taking.

Day 9

 Addo to Knysna. 

Rain, rain and more rain not the best weather for riding.   Road straight up the N2 with one of the other riders, Martin.  I know now why it’s called the garden route, very pretty shrubs and bushes on the side of the road. 

My BMW dry suit works brilliantly, not a drop of rain came through.  Stopped in Jeffries Bay for a hot chocolate and toasty, filled up and then road straight through, got to the hotel just before 2pm. 

Dinner was fun, tomorrow is a rest day, time to chill and do some shopping. 

Laundry in, hopefully will be back this afternoon all nicely folded and in little boxes…luxury!!!

Day 10

Knysna.  Day off.  Enjoyed a really nice relaxing lunch with a few of our fellow riding mates. 

Others explored Knysna, took day trips and generally chilled.   

I brought myself a wildebeest skin belt and a couple of painting.

Day 11

Knysna to Gondwana. 

Really nice ride through beautiful country.  Gondwana resort is outstanding. 

We were allowed to ride in, escorted by a game vehicle.

Superb lunch followed by a game drive and sundowners.


Saw the king lion with a very impressive mane.  Amazingly he was holed up just 50m off the track we had not even one hour earlier ridden in one!! 


On the way back to the lodge we bumped into a lioness who passed within 5 meters of the car.  Also spotted Wildebeest, Impala, elephant and a couple of huge White Rhino. 


Beautiful food at dinner, excellent wine selection and good company…can you ask for anymore!


We were joined on our walk back to our room by a bat eared Jackal.  

I am now just so relaxed and having such a wonderful holiday.  This is and has been even better than the first trip…. amazing!   

Day 12

Gondwana to Arniston. 


Again amazing dirt roads, visibility way down the road and beautiful high speed, cambered sweepers…epic!


Stopped off at “Ronnie’s sex shop” for lunch.  Iconic place, story is it was called “Ronnie’s General store”. 


Nobody stopped in, so he changed the name to “Ronnie’s Sex Shop”.  Next day the carpark was full!!!  


More brilliant dirt roads after lunch and a ferry crossing. 

The ferry is powered by two blokes pulling a rope strung across the river, able assisted by 10 bikers, much laughter and fun had by all. 


Shortly after the ferry crossing, stopped for an ice cream and cream soda then on to our over night stop in the picturesque fishing village of Aniston.

Day 13

Arniston to Hermanus. 


Arniston is a little fishing village.  Got up early and watched the fishing boats being launched.  The fishing boats are pushed out 50m from the shore by a tractor which ends up FULLY submerged a unique way of launching boats, typical African ingenuity and “can-do” attitude.  I love this place!


Took off for Point Agulice, the southernmost tip of Africa. 


Nice ride and some great snaps. 


Beautiful Cape Dutch homes along the way. 


Whale watching and shark diving for some today.  I opted out, plenty of whales at home and what better way to spend the afternoon than sitting by the bar, sipping cocktails at $4 each, chatting to the barman and just relaxing. 


Whales were seen, sharks dived on and cocktails sipped.  I am just so chilled and relaxed, I’m sorry this trip is coming to an end.  That evening had dinner in a sea cave then back to the hotel for a night cap and bed.

Day 14

Herman us to Cape Town. 


Last day of the ride. Very Sad it’s coming to an end. 


My wife, Janice and I visited my aunt and uncle who have a holiday home in Hermanus.  Sadly, uncle Mike has the big C, however despite his tragic circumstances he and wife Janet remains positive and in excellent humor, what inspiring people. 


Evidently we missed out on a bit of Lion and Cheetah petting, not really my thing anyway and I wouldn’t have missed out on catching up with Mike and Janet for the world.


The ride into Cape Town is stunning, beautiful twisty road, sea on one side, mountains on the other, just stunning.  Dropped Janice at the hotel then drop off the bike.  Meet up with a couple of my comrades for a celebratory beer.  Trips done…bummer!! 

This was an amazing trip, a trip of a lifetime.  I have attempted to put into words what I experienced.  When I read back over my diary I keep reading the words, epic, amazing, beautiful, brilliant, incredible, stunning.  That it was and more.  Do yourself a favour, book a trip NOW, you won’t regret it.  By the way we are going back for a THIRD helping... that says it all!

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