Motopressor Tenere T7 screen adjuster

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 After close to a year our new screen adjuster is ready.  Our first "MADE IN AUSTRALIA" product.  It's always very satisfying to see a project completed. 

Started with a suggestion from a customer and progressed something like this.  A cardboard cutout, to a rough cut metal template, component sourcing, testing, CAD drawings, test fitting, adjustments, more CAD drawings, 3D print, more testing, laser cut samples, more testing, component changes, more testing, sourcing packaging, packaging design etc etc.  It's a long process and I think we've ended up with a very functional product.

The great thing about product development, is the testing.  Basically means I get time in the saddle, "testing".  Last week did a road ride from Rocky Creek HQ to Uralla, followed the next day by an off-road ride down to Wingham and back to Uralla...all in the name of "testing".  Really enjoying the Tenere and I have to say the screen adjuster worked exceptionally well.

Here are a couple of videos of the ride....I mean test!


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